Which PS4 games do you need to play?

We asked you which PS4 game you would need to buy if you were to get the PS4 Pro.The PS4 PRO is an updated version of the PS5 Pro, and is a bit of a beast compared to the older PS5.Here are the top five games on the list.1.PS4 Game of the Year: Horizon: Zero Dawn (PS4, $99.99)2.PS5 Game of […]

How to download an iOS game and play it on the PS3

The PS3 is a game console that can be purchased from a range of retailers for less than $100.The console’s ability to play all of your favourite iOS games has become a key selling point for the console, and while many of the games available for purchase are very well received by gamers, many of them require the use of […]

How to ‘just play’ games to get better at them

Why should you try to ‘play’ games if you don’t have the right knowledge and tools to master them?If you’re already a master, you may think that you know what to do.But, if you’re not yet a master and you’re still reading this, we need to talk about the problem. There are two main reasons why you don: you don´t know […]

What’s the future of the game industry?

AUSTRALIAN financial services firm, Credit Suisse, is predicting a $50 billion drop in Australian revenue and a $40 billion drop for the industry in the next 10 years. The report comes after the Federal Government announced a series of initiatives aimed at making games more appealing to consumers and creating a stronger gaming industry.It was also the second time the firm […]

What’s the difference between the Apple TV and Roku?

It’s not a big secret that Apple TV has its shortcomings.The only reason we’ve managed to get any kind of solid results with Apple TV’s streaming service is because Apple TV is so much more powerful than the competition, with streaming apps that make watching movies, TV shows, and games a snap.There’s a reason that Roku is so successful.But what […]

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