What’s next for the Eagles?

The Eagles will start a new era of dominance in the NFC East when they host the Falcons on Thursday night.The Eagles will be without their starting center, right tackle, left guard and right tackle.That leaves the Eagles with two offensive linemen and two guards, which makes it a battle for jobs at the top of the line.They also have […]

IBM to open an office in San Francisco

IBM is set to open a new office in the San Francisco Bay Area, the company announced Thursday.The new facility will house IBM’s Watson research lab and will be the company’s first expansion in the U.S. Since the company last opened its new San Francisco office in 2014, IBM has been expanding its research and development efforts in the region.Watson, […]

How to be an All Star: The Game

I love playing the All Star Game.But the biggest challenge of all is actually figuring out how to get it done.So I’ve decided to write up my strategy for how to make the game work.There’s a lot going on here, so it’s a bit of a marathon.It starts off with a game plan.This is the plan you’ll follow to win […]

Why are Juventus so good?

Football Italian on May 11, 2019 05:05:03Juventus beat Roma 2-0 in the Champions League group stage, which makes the two teams the best of all time in the standings.However, the Bianconeri have only managed two wins in seven games, a poor start to the season.The game was drawn in the same round of the Champions’ League group stages and was […]

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