How to get xbox live without the internet

You can watch live TV, listen to the radio and watch movies without internet access.But you might not want to take advantage of the new streaming services for entertainment.A recent article on Business Insider explains that some of the biggest streaming services don’t support the internet.Here are some of their limitations: XBMC for Android: You can’t watch TV shows, movies […]

Flyer game is getting a new sequel

An old-school shooter with the name “Flyer” is getting the treatment it deserves.A new, “real-time” game from the makers of the popular “The Legend of Zelda” series, “Flyers” is being developed for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles.“Flyers: The Game” is a real-time first-person shooter that uses a variety of weapons to take out your enemies, according to a […]

How to watch the 2017 FIFA World Cup with Socceroos fans

Socceroos football fans have been making their way back to the stands after FIFA’s World Cup in Russia on Saturday night, but they’re not just going to be taking the bus.Instead, they’ll be lining up outside the stadium for the first time in their lives.The first day of the World Cup has been a busy one for the country’s tourism […]

Why I stopped playing fantasy games

I’m a big fan of fantasy sports.But I also know that I’m not really into the genre.There are some things in the genre that I just can’t relate to.My father was a professional gambler, and one of the things he’d say to me as a child was that he’d been trying to build up a line of poker chips for […]

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