Why are we seeing a bunch of Bills games this year?

Now Playing: How to watch the NFL Playoffs with the new CBS Sports appNow Playing: Is a new NFL rule preventing players from taking part in the draft?Now Playing “How to play the best sport in the world” on the NFL NetworkNow Playing “The ultimate sports documentary” on HBO Now Playing Trump signs executive order to make 2017 the first […]

Riot Games’ epic game epic activated

Game developers Epic Games and developer Poki Games announced on Wednesday that they have activated the first four games in their Epic Game Collection, a $50-a-month subscription service for fans to play games on PC, Mac, Xbox and iOS. Poki Games will continue to provide access to the first five games in the collection, while Epic Games will offer access to […]

When we say a lot of 49ers games, we mean it…

The 49ers are still playing games with some semblance of meaning, despite a disappointing 2016 campaign.It wasn’t until a year ago that a playoff berth seemed imminent.Now, we’re seeing the results of that effort.After an 0-4 start to 2016, the 49ers will play 16 home games this season, which is a record for the franchise.And as far as games going […]

How to play Super Smash Bros. for Switch: A free slot game

You can play Super Mario Bros. 2 for free every day for the next three weeks, after which you can switch to the Switch version and play for an extra £3.99.This is how you do it, and it will work with any of the Super Mario games.It also works for all of the Mario titles in the series.So if you’ve […]

How to download an iOS game and play it on the PS3

The PS3 is a game console that can be purchased from a range of retailers for less than $100.The console’s ability to play all of your favourite iOS games has become a key selling point for the console, and while many of the games available for purchase are very well received by gamers, many of them require the use of […]

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