How to watch and listen to sports on Twitter with this new app

Today, the Twitter app has launched a new feature that allows you to watch, listen, and comment on sports on the platform.Today, Twitter has added a new Sports Center page that allows users to listen to podcasts, play games, and watch videos.Users can also tweet, text, or Instagram their favorite sports teams, or even their favorite college football teams and […]

Hunger Games: Simulated Shooting Game for PC

Simulated shooting games are a lot of fun to play when they are made by indie developers.But this weekend, a brand new game was released that is even more fun to make: Hunger Games Simulator.The Hunger Games franchise has been around for over 50 years, and the Hunger Games simulators have become one of the most beloved and most well-known […]

How to play NBA Live 16 without paying for games

You’re free to play the NBA Live games you want to without paying.The game is free to download from the official NBA Store or on the NBA app, and there’s no need to purchase the game.You can start playing right away with one of the official games, such as the NBA Jam or NBA Jam 2.The NBA Jam game is […]

What’s the future of the game industry?

AUSTRALIAN financial services firm, Credit Suisse, is predicting a $50 billion drop in Australian revenue and a $40 billion drop for the industry in the next 10 years. The report comes after the Federal Government announced a series of initiatives aimed at making games more appealing to consumers and creating a stronger gaming industry.It was also the second time the firm […]

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