NBA games on Nickelodeon this year? | ESPN News story | NHL: Live coverage

NBA games will now be shown on Nickelo, according to an story published today.The network has partnered with Nickelodeo for two NBA games, one each on Thursday and Sunday nights from Dec. 10-14.“Nickelodeo is an incredible partner in our community and we’re thrilled to be able to bring their unique basketball and entertainment programming to fans across the country […]

Sonic the Hedgehog is getting a remake

Sonic the hedgehog is a popular and critically acclaimed video game series.The series, which started with the 1996 game Sonic Adventure, continues with several more games.The game series is set in a futuristic alternate universe, where a mysterious black-robed figure is called “The Master”.In this alternate reality, the Master has created a secret space station called “Nautilus” to capture the […]

What happens when a guy with a gun shows up at a Nickelodeon game?

The first Nickelodeons episode, titled “Gun Game Night,” was a success, but not everyone had a blast.“I was just so shocked,” says Nick Jonas, who plays “The Gun,” one of the titular gang members.“I felt like a fucking child, and it was just this huge shock to be honest.”The show’s creators, Matt and Jamie, were also surprised by the response, […]

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