How to watch video game Porn in the new way

A video game developer has come up with a new way to watch porn for a game.Video game developer Jake Wigglesworth says the idea is to watch the video game’s opening cinematic and then play the entire game in the background while your friend plays.“We’ll watch the entire intro and then we’ll play the first cutscene, which is the only […]

When ‘gamer’ comes out of the closet, it will have to do so with your help

Posted March 23, 2018 07:31:36It seems as though the word ‘gamer,’ as in, the gamer who spends his spare time playing video games, is being gradually reclaimed by the gaming world.And it’s because of this that the gaming community has been struggling to find a word that encompasses its disparate and diverse members.For example, some gamers are known to have […]

How to watch the Bucs-Browns game

The NFL is currently holding its annual Sunday Night Football game, which is slated to kick off at 8:30 p.m.ET.If you’ve been sitting around in the house and waiting for this game to start, now’s your chance to get your fill of football.But the game is set to be televised on ESPN2.The NFL’s broadcast team has released a video for […]

India’s top gaming company gets Rs1,000 crore from Google’s Doodle Games division

India’s leading gaming company has won a major boost in funding from Google as part of its efforts to bolster its business.The National Electronic Games Company Ltd (NEGAL) on Monday said it had secured a $1.1 billion investment from the internet giant.NEGAPL said the funds would support the development of the NEGAL platform for games, applications and experiences, and support […]

How to download free sex game packers game free sex,game downloads,game free,sex game,packer games

The word games category includes many free games available on mobile devices.But the word games download list has expanded recently with the release of free sex and relationship games.This is where a new category has been created to include sex and romance games available for download.In fact, it’s an exciting time for game lovers, since new apps like The Playlist […]

How to download an iOS game and play it on the PS3

The PS3 is a game console that can be purchased from a range of retailers for less than $100.The console’s ability to play all of your favourite iOS games has become a key selling point for the console, and while many of the games available for purchase are very well received by gamers, many of them require the use of […]

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